Admin Area Walk Through:

Admin Area Walk Through:




Admin Area Walk Through:

* In this we will see the backend of the template (or) website creation.

* When we login to the admin page we will get an dashboard page in that we will have an Overview page and Latest 10 orders pages.

* In the Overview page it basically tells us:

1. Total Sales

2. Total Sales This Year

3. Total Orders

4. No.of Customers

5. Customers Awaiting Approval

6. Reviews Awaiting Approval

7. No.of Affilliates

8. Affiliates Awaiting Approval
* We have Statistics graph also in this it will show us about the status by showing graph view, and we can check the status by the day vise and monthly vise and yearly vise also.

* In this we have Latest 10 orders page in this it will show about the customers ordered page.

* In our dashboard we have Navigation bar in that bar we have menus:

1. Catalog

2. Extensions

3. Sales

4. Systems

5. Reports

6. Help

* We will see the sub menus for all of the main menu

1. Catalog:

In the Catalog menu we have some sub menus like

1. Categories

2. Produscts

3. Filters

4. Profiles

5. Attributes

6. Options

7. Manufactures


9. Reviews

10. Information

2. Extensions:

In this Extensions menu we have some sub menus like

1. Modules

2. Shipping

3. Payments

4. Order Totals

5. Products Feeds

3. Sales:

In this Sales menu we have sub menus like

1. Orders

2. Recurring Profiles

3. Returns

4. Customers

5. Affiliates

6. Coupons

7. Gift Vouchers

8. Mail

4. Systems:

In this Systems menu we have sub menus like

1. Settings

2. Design

3. Users

4. Localisation

In this localisation we have sub menus like

a. Languages

b. Currencies

c. Stock Status

d. Order Status

e. Return

f. Countries

g. Zones

h. Geo Zones

i. Taxes

j. Length Classe

k. Weight Classes

5. Error Logs

6. Backup/Restore

5. Reports:

In this Reports menu we have some sub menus like

1. Sales Reports

2. Products Reports

3. Customers Reports

4. Affiliates Reports

6. Help:

In this Help menu we have sub menus like

1. Homepages

2. Documentation

3. Support Forum


* We have Store Front in the navigation bar by clicking that button it will go to the product page (or) home page.

* We have logout option in the navigation bar by clicking that button we will logout from the admin page.



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