Install JDK for BDK to Work

Install JDK for BDK to Work
Install JDK for BDK to Work

Starting BDK :

1. change directory to c:\bdk\beanbox

2. run batfile (Run.bat)

set Autoexec.bat
set classpath=c:\bdk1.2\lib;


– All beans are packaged in JAR file

– JAR files allows you to efficiently deploy set of classes
and their associated resources.

– JAR contain text,audio,image and multimedia files

– JAR technology makes it easy to deliver and install software

– JAR files are compressed which allows downloading of files faster

– Digital signature can also be associated with JAR file

– Package contains classes that read and write
to JAR files,


– Developer should create a Manifest file to indicate which of
the components in JAR files are java beans.


Name: sunw\demo\slides\sun.gif
Name: sunw\demo\slides\slides.class
Java-Bean: True


– Utility is used to generate JAR files

jar options file

c:\> jar cfm c:\bdk\jars\xyz.jar m.mft sample.class

Options :

c => new archive is to be created

C => Change dir. during command execution

f => first element in the file is name of archive
that is to be created

u => Update existing JAR file

x => files are to be extracted from archive

m => manifest file

To Tabulate contents of JAR file

c:\> jar tf xyz.jar

Extract file from jar

c:\> jar xf xyz.jar

Update existing Jar

c:\> jar uf xyz.jar file.class

C:\way2techworld> jar cfm c:\bdk\jars\color.jar m.mft color.class

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