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What are Java Applets ?
What are Java Applets ?

Applets are – Small programs – Accessed on Internet Server – Transported over Internet – automatically installed – run as part of web document Applet has limited access to resources, run complex computations without introducing the rist of virus or breaching data integrity. ¬†Applet class available in Applet package All applets are subclass of Applet class import java.awt.*; import java.applet.*;…

Java Applets

Applets are programs that can be downloaded from a foreign machine through a network and executed on a local machine. Applets are not controlled by local operating system Applets are split into small packets called bytecode and travel across the network . These bytecodes are reassembled at receiving machine of the network by the JVM¬† and executed by the browser.…

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Hello world!

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